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Baukrane Budownictwo is a nationwide supplier of solutions for formwork systems, occupational health & safety systems, scaffolding, low-speed and top-slewing cranes, construction site fencing systems, containers, and accessories for reinforced concrete works. Our main principle is development which we achieve through constant observation and listening to the market needs, and a dialogue with our clients.


Baukrane is a manufacturer of its own formwork systems. We also deliver modern and innovative solutions developed by a team of the best Polish engineers. Baukrane’s offer is unique. We are the only company on the market which offers current and pottential clients an innovative service consisting of tower cranes and modern formwork systems, as well as health & safety systems, scaffolding, construction site fencing systems and containers. Our offer makes us stand out from other companies on the market.


We provide a wide variety of products for sale and for rent, both new and second-hand. We operate in a global market with great success thanks to our highly developed import and export department, sales department and e-commerce department which allows you to buy cranes and complete formwork systems from every place and at any time. 


Baukrane has been proven a highly reliable partner. We have been presented with numerous awards, distictions and references from cooperating entities and business environment institutions for completing demanding and challenging projects. Over the last ten or so years, a team of over 200 people has been constantly improving their skills to provide our clients and partners the best quality and service at the highest world-class level. All of the above mentioned values, as well as trustworthiness and attention to details guarantee satisfactory, fruitful and lon-term cooperation.