Frame wall formworks



The frame formwork system is designed to build reinforced concrete structures, such as: strip foundations, walls, columns (rectangular cross-section, binding joists, elevator shafts, abutments, etc.). The boards are made of 12 cm thick steel profiles, hot-dip galvanized, filled with a special plywood sheathing made of PPL coating. This structure can be used to produce a high quality concrete surface. The boards transfer the pressure of fresh concrete of up to 60 kN/m2.



  • The system is designed for medium and heavy loads, depending on the choice of formwork.
  • The formwork is installed either by crane (for large elements) or without crane (manually).
  • The system can be also used to quickly move entire formwork sets without having to dismantle them every time, up to a maximum of 30 m2 (a crane and certified transport handles are required).
  • Possibility of obtaining a smooth surface which does not require plastering after the formwork is removed.
  • System versatility – possibility to select boards in modules spanned every 5 cm.



  1. Formwork panel
  2. VZ formwork panel
  3. Inner corner
  4. Outer corner
  5. Articulated corner
  6. Insert
  7. Adjustable insert
  8. Formwork stripping insert
  9. Radial slat
  10. Stay beam
  11. Formwork lock
  12. Tie
  13. Centring tie
  14. Edge catch
  15. WM10 bolt
  16. WU10 bolt
  17. WK10 anchor
  18. Bolt tensioner
  19. VZ pin
  20. Nuts
  21. 8×10 washer
  22. Vertical support
  23. ALU 7.0 – 10.3 vertical support
  24. Support head
  25. Support foot
  26. Working deck bracket
  27. Working deck post
  28. UT RM transport handle
  29. Spring clamp
  30. Wire tensioner for clamps
  31. Express dowel
  32. Pressure clamp