K folding platforms



The system of external platforms is an ideal solution for immediate use as working or protective platforms. Its basic element is a folding platform of 300 and 450 cm in length and 180 cm in width, which in combination with a levelling platform 300 allows for protection of each external wall and corners of the building. The platforms are delivered to the construction site already assembled. The construction of the platforms allows their unfolding with a single hand movement.



  • Easy planning of folding platforms of 300 cm and 450 cm in length
  • Levelling platform up to 250 cm to match the length and corner solution – with an integrated handrail in one piece
  • The structure of the suspension points ensures flat passage on the platform
  • High durability of the product through the use of galvanized design, protective steel profiles
  • Support extensions most commonly used for edge protection in frame buildings
  • Bridging of wall and window openings
  • Side railing to protect the platform ends
  • Two suspension variants to suit any construction site conditions: conical suspension, loop suspension
  • Possibility of using vertical supports for wall formwork from the platform side
  • Possibility of executing walls in formwork with a height of up to 540 cm



  1. Folding platform
  2. Folding console
  3. Levelling platform 300
  4. Striking plate 15
  5. Conical wrench
  6. Cone
  7. Lateral protective railing
  8. WS10 lock
  9. Support bar
  10. Footer
  11. Bolts
  12. Connectors
  13. 3 mm scaffolding pipe
  14. Torx screw
  15. K-ES yoke head
  16. AK suspension plate

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