KS columns



The KS Column System is a vertical formwork designed to form columns with rectangular and square cross-sections. The structure of the formwork allows for making columns with dimensions from 20×20 to 60×60 cm, with gradation every 5 cm in two basic height modules: 270 and 330 cm.

The formwork was designed for concrete pressure not exceeding 90 kN/m2, which is suitable for executing quick concrete works.



  • The system is tie-free, which ensures no tie imprints on the surface of the completed concrete element.
  • Short assembly and disassembly time thanks to easy formwork closing mechanism.
  • By fixing the plywood from the back of the elements, first-class quality of face concrete is achieved, with no tie and no jointing marks on the surface.
  • Moving the column formwork around is possible without dismantling, within a single working cycle of the crane.
  • Thanks to the particularly resistant synthetic coating applied, the formwork can be reused without the need to change the sheathing.
  • The improved surface makes it easy to clean, including with a high-pressure cleaner, and reduces the need for spot refurbishments.
  • Work decks installed around column formworks secure the work place from all sides.
  • Safe and easy use of the formwork thanks to practical accessories such as diagonal supports, repositioning devices, etc.



  1. KS frame element
  2. KS closing hook
  3. Articulated nut
  4. KS Double diagonal support
  5. KS support head
  6. KS deck
  7. KS handrail
  8. KS handle
  9. KS top section bolt
  10. KS protective strip
  11. Express dowel

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