Panel-based slab formworks - aluminium



ALUSTROP ceiling formwork consists of aluminum panels and ceiling supports. The basic element of the ALUSTROP system is a panel of varying dimensions. Thanks to its unique structure, the aluminum panel is both light and strong. The frame is covered with special 10 mm thick waterproof plywood.

The shape of aluminum profiles used to frame the panels protects them against dirt caused by concrete seepage from panel interfaces. The variety of system panels guarantees that the set can be adapted to every ceiling.



  • Cost effectiveness (for floors above 100 m²)
  • Lightweight structure
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Efficient assembly and disassembly – approx. 0.2 h/m² (compared to 0.55 h/m² for a traditional ceiling)
  • Durability of elements (made of weather-resistant materials)
  • Possibility of swapping equipment during construction
  • Adequate smoothness of the final surface.



  1. ALUSTROP panel
  2. ALUSTROP sliding panel
  3. ALUSTROP head
  4. ALUSTROP head cap
  5. ALUSTROP head – post socket
  6. ALUSTROP head spacing top section
  7. ALUSTROP compensating girder
  8. ALUSTROP transverse girder
  9. ALUSTROP assembly rod

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