SECUMAX edge protection



The Secumax edge protection system is designed to provide temporary protection on the open edges of buildings during construction work to protect people from falling from height.

The system meets the strength requirements for class A according to PN-EN 13374 – “Temporary edge protection systems”. The main element of the system is the handrail post. The post is connected to the supporting structure by means of a bracket, the type of which depends on the stage of construction and the conditions, in which the protective railings are made.



  • Same handrail post for different types of brackets
  • Lightweight and handy elements
  • Quick and effective assembly of edge protection for both concrete and steel structures.
  • Thanks to its versatility, the system can be used in residential, road and industrial construction projects.



  1. Safety post
  2. Safety post extension
  3. Multi-purpose bracket
  4. Stair catch
  5. Girder bracket
  6. CLIP bracket
  7. Elevator shaft bracket
  8. Shuttering bracket
  9. Safety board

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