Shaft platforms



As an OHS system, shaft platforms are used in all types of shafts, vertical spaces and other box structures. The platforms can be used to set up a conventional wall formwork frame, which serves as an internal working platform for carrying out assembly, rectification and disassembly works of shaft formwork. In order to facilitate its use and work on two levels, the system is additionally equipped with a bottom platform suspended from the main platform.

The base of the system are telescopic shaft girders and ratchet heads, thanks to which you can assemble the load-bearing structure of the platforms in the previously made support sockets.


  • Safety is ensured when executing shafts, vertical spaces, staircases, etc.
  • Possibility of moving the whole set of formwork within one crane cycle.
  • Easily adaptable to any dimensions thanks to telescopic beams.
  • Possibility of fixing the lower working platform.
  • Easy and quick installation



  1. Telescopic shaft girder
  2. Refill box
  3. Ratchet head of the shaft platform
  4. S8/60 bolt connector
  5. 3 mm scaffolding pipe
  6. H20 girder
  7. WS10 bolt

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