SP columns



The SP Column System is a vertical formwork designed to form columns with rectangular and square cross-sections. The formwork structure allows for executing columns of dimensions from 15×15 to 55×55 cm for 70 cm wide panels and up to 75×75 cm for 90 cm wide panels, with gradation every 5 cm for the basic height modules: 90, 150, 270, 300 and 330 cm, with possibility of combining them in height.

The formwork was designed for concrete pressure not exceeding 80 kN/m2, which allows for executing quick concrete works.



  • The system is based on SP panels (so called multi-hole panels), which can also be used for boarding straight walls and corners.
  • The improved surface makes it easy to clean and reduces the need for renovation.
  • Work decks installed around columns secure the work place from all sides.
  • Safe and easy use of the formwork thanks to practical accessories such as diagonal supports, repositioning devices, etc.

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