Support towers



Support towers are designed to carry vertical loads. They are used when executing formwork for building structures at the assembly stage. Towers can also be used to form support structures for working platforms or safety platforms, as well as other load-bearing structures.



  • Support towers based on ROTAX scaffolding can be composed of steel elements with support spacing starting from 0.73 x 0.73 m – other spacings can be obtained depending on the length of system bolts and height graded at 0.5 m.
  • The ROTAX system offers significant freedom in combining any number of towers with each other.
  • The design of ROTAX tower enables mounting of 0.36 m, 0.73 m, 1.09 m steel supports, on which working platforms are mounted. The connection is effected through system nodes.


  1. ROTAX starter element
  2. ROTAX stand
  3. Stand without a ROTAX pin
  4. Threaded cross head
  5. ROTAX horizontal lock
  6. ROTAX u-lock
  7. Platform protection
  8. Vertical bracing
  9. Bridge
  10. Curb
  11. Adjustable base
  12. Handrail holder
  13. Pipe coupling with connector
  14. AL 2.57 m stairs
  15. 57 m outer railing
  16. Inner railing
  17. 8 m anchor
  18. 48 mm fixed connector
  19. Driving wheel
  20. 3 mm scaffolding pipe