Unloading platforms



The unloading platform is a temporary device which facilitates transport work and the handling of loads, especially in between individual stories of the building. The use of a platform accelerates and improves the whole process of loading and unloading by means of a crane.

The platform is suitable for quick assembly, which must be carried out in accordance with the technical and operating documentation. After installing the element, the working surface is at ceiling level, so pallet trucks can be used directly from the platform for further transport.



  • Significant reduction in construction costs due to easy and fast transport of materials
  • Unloading level even with slab level, facilitating the handling of entire pallets.
  • Safety thanks to robust and solid design and compliance with all health and safety requirements
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Bright colour – good visibility on the site



  1. Unloading platform type 02
  2. Unloading platform type 04

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