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In addition to rental, we also provide service and operator services for tower cranes. We provide professional advice in selecting the right equipment for any construction site.


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We regularly maintain our own cranes as well as those of our clients.

Adherence to periodic inspections helps ensure trouble-free operation of cranes and prevent future failures. Our Maintainers are equipped with tools and basic spare parts to immediately fix many of the malfunctions detected during the inspection of cranes on site. Confirmation of the efficiency of the device after maintenance is the corresponding entry, which is valid for 30 days.


We are prepared to carry out repairs directly on site and in our workshop hall. When embarking on a repair, we make every effort to minimize the crane’s downtime. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of tower cranes, we can diagnose and fix faults that occur during crane operation.

Carrying out professional repairs of our own and our customers’ cranes, we use proven suppliers of quality spare parts and also original LIEBHERR parts. Using high-quality equipment, tools and consumables, we guarantee expert repair of entrusted equipment and its efficiency in the years to come.


The basic tasks of a tower crane operator include: controlling, lifting and moving loads, ensuring constant cooperation with hook operators, signalmen and other operators working in the work collision zone.

The operator is also a key person during the daily assessment of the crane’s condition. Before starting work, the operator performs a basic check of the crane’s design.


Our operators with years of experience can guarantee safe and efficient crane operation.


All of our employees have the necessary licenses and examinations to work in the field of crane operation.


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From the need to have a high level of operator personnel in 2021, the decision was made to establish the “Baukrane Operator Academy”. As part of this project, we have started training crane operators as well as hook/signal operators.

During our training courses, under the supervision of an instructor, you have the opportunity to practice on a training crane controlled both from the cabin and by wireless remote control.

Participation in the course is completed by an internal exam and an exam before the Office of Technical Inspection in Gdansk.