If you are looking for a tower crane supplier, you are in the right place. We will deliver the equipment, along with an experienced operator, directly to your construction site, and then install it to be ready for use.


Find out what services you can count on when renting a crane.


The installation of top-mounted cranes is most often carried out with a mobile crane, which means that the construction site needs to be prepared for its setting up, as well as the access of transports with components.

The exception to this is the bottom-rotating cranes, which have the ability to lift themselves without the use of auxiliary cranes. Then only the ability to enter the foundation with a crane on transport axes is required. After each assembly, the assembly team prepares supporting documentation, confirming the correctness of the assembly and the efficiency of the crane, and performs electrical measurements.

Dismantling the crane,

This is the reverse process of assembly. Here, too, space is required for auxiliary equipment (mobile crane and transports).


The basic tasks of a tower crane operator include: controlling, lifting and moving loads, ensuring constant cooperation with hook operators, signalmen and other operators working in the work collision zone.

The operator is also a key person during the daily assessment of the crane’s condition. Before starting work, the operator performs a basic check of the crane’s design.


Our operators with years of experience can guarantee safe and efficient crane operation.


All of our employees have the necessary licenses and examinations to work in the field of crane operation.


One of the tasks during the assembly or disassembly of a tower crane is the transportation of components. Our logistics department works daily to prepare and organize the transportation and handling of tower crane components at our base. Preparing a list of items, selecting items, checking the condition of items, or reloading items is a daily part of our work.

Loading components onto semi-trailers requires knowledge of each component with the specifics of its construction so as to be able to position them correctly with a view to transport economy as well as its safety.

We use both platform and curtain or tarpaulin trailers for transportation.

Priority in our work is given to flexibility in operation and speed of transportation execution.